I believe that the desire to learn is the most important quality a human being can possess. The abilities to seek and grow are a remarkably beautiful part of life. Such a pursuit should be relentless, spirited, and lifelong.

Everyday, I make some sort of an effort to better myself and experience something which reminds me that life is wondrous. There are so many opportunities in life. There are an infinite amount of ideas to consider, words to read, and people to meet. There is so much music to hear, art to connect with, nature to explore, and work to be done. Life should never be boring.

There are so many perks when it comes to learning. Learning offers people a special awareness. Not to mention open-mindedness, compassion, and understanding. Learning gives me passion, and it also sparks in me a desire to teach, to share, to help, and to inspire others.

I am an advocate for education. I understand that I am fortunate to be born into a country that gives me so many freedoms and opportunities to thrive. Students often grow weary and proclaim, “I cannot wait to be done with school!” Yet school should be embraced, because it is one of the only places in our society where minds can get together, speak intellectually, and spring up so much growth. All in all, I wholeheartedly believe that this insatiable thirst for learning is indeed one of the best qualities of being a student, and of being human.