I’ll never be able to commit myself to one neatly-packaged worldview that I can explain with ease, but here is a tiny list of labels for groups that have made marks on my perspective over time. Within each them, I have seen limitations, but more importantly, I have found sparks of greatness and truth.

ZEN BUDDHISTS: Thank you for teaching me Satori, non-attachment and inner quietness.
FRANCISCIAN MONKS: Thank you for instilling in me a deep sense of rebelliousness and love of solitude.
SKEPTICS: Thank you for showing me how to critically question and analyze.
MYSTICS: Thank you for chasing the divine.
FREETHINKERS, NONBELIEVERS, SECULAR HUMANISTS, ATHEISTS: Thank you for promoting the value of science and for unveiling the wonders of reality.
PANTHEISTS: Thank you for seeing the infinite in everything.
LIBERAL CHRISTIANS: Thank you for being brave enough to surpass religious boundaries.
EX-FUNDAMENTALISTS: Thank you for your perfectionism and ongoing determination to “go all in” on your quest for truth.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS: Thank you for believing in the inherent value of diversity, and for fostering a sense of open-armed hospitality.